Hola Barcelona!

29 Jun

Finally here are some pics from our first day in the beautiful city of Barcelona! 🙂 It was awesome to be able to wear shorts and feel the heat of the summer sun beating down on us at last…(sorry London, haha)… although apparently my skin is more English than Vietnamese and I ended up with unwelcome sunburn by the day’s end!

The day was, however, the best kick-start to our holiday! We wandered down the famous La Rambla full of shops and street vendors, making our way slowly to the beach for lunch. The beach was PACKED with people, and we had to fight for towel space – but it was worth it! Lying in the sun with hundreds of other holiday-makers, sipping on strawberry mojitos, and swimming in the warm sparkling sea… so amazing! 🙂 A gelato or two later and we were back wandering around the small cobbled streets, looking at all the narrow alleyways and picturesque buildings with their romantic wrought iron balconies and flower boxes… We saw the wonderful Av De La Catedral and an interesting local street parade, before settling down for some sangria and paella!

Am off to fall into bed for another night… hope you are all having a good week! 🙂 


♥B xoxo






One Response to “Hola Barcelona!”

  1. Sas June 29, 2011 at 16:29 #

    JEALOUS ;-)!!

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