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Shattered nails!

26 Jul

My wonderful nail salon (that is so cheap and does such a good job!) just got the new OPI Shattered polish, so being a nail polish lover I had to try it! Love the silver on black, and apparently there are 6 other ‘shatter’ colours that you can put over any base. Probably a little more of a winter look, but since it was BUCKETING down with rain that day it was perfect! 🙂

Wednesday tomorrow and I am off to see Transformers 3 hehe, can’t wait! 😉 Continue reading


Ruffles & friends :)

25 Jul

Here are a few pics from our Saturday night, and my pink skirt with ruffles!! 🙂 So nice to hang out and relax with friends after a bit of a stressful time.. what would we do without weekends!? 🙂

Also some good news – the sun has finally broken through the haze & clouds! It’s a miracle! This has lifted my mood 500% and am ready to face the week ahead! 🙂 Happy Monday everyone!

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Murky afternoon by the river

24 Jul

To give you a little idea of the weather in Beijing lately, here are a couple of pics from the river near my house, and the lovely ‘fog’ that has enshrouded this city for at least the last two weeks..

Hope it’s nice and sunny where you are! 🙂  Continue reading

Beautiful Beijing

21 Jul

So since I have been back in Beijing, the weather has been CRAP! For ages now seriously – polluted, grey, rain/thunder/lightening.. arg!! Haha so to remind me of how amazing this city can be, here is a post of some of the things that really do make Beijing a great place to be… 🙂

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Chronicle Shoes Launch @ D Lounge

20 Jul

Last night I went to support a friend’s event – the launch of Chronicle A/W11 collection in Beijing, a brand of designer shoes for men. The Scandinavian company  put on a great launch (male models, motorbikes..need I say more? 😉 ), and the shoes are amazing… was almost jealous of guys who will get to wear them! Luckily there is a sister brand, D:Fuse, whose women’s shoes are just as cute 🙂

Off to bed early tonight… think I’m still jetlagged?! Happy Wednesday all 🙂

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Back on track!!

19 Jul

Finally after some stress and hassle things are slowly sorting themselves out and I’ve made it back to Beijing and my lovely kitty 🙂 A big lesson learned.. be so so SO careful when travelling in places full of tourists & pick pockets/thieves.. obviously! haha 🙂 But this experience also made me appreciate all my amazing and supportive friends who helped me out so much – thank you thank you THANK you, you guys are the BEST (you know who you are) 🙂

It’s good to be home 🙂 

♥ B xoxo




Worst Case Scenario

2 Jul

Ok so I just had my bag stolen from Barcelona beach, which had my passport, phone, wallet, sunglasses, camera, and other valuables in it!! 😦 I was going for a swim while one friend stayed on the beach, but when I came back it was completely gone and apparently no one around us saw anything happen including my friend who had stayed near it! I can’t believe it…and now I am desperately trying to work out how I will get back to Beijing tomorrow with no passport and no money. Obviously I will also not be able to post for a while since my beloved camera was stolen 😦

I guess it is a good lesson for anyone travelling to Barcelona (or anywhere new to you) to be EXTRA vigilant with your possessions, particularly when in crowded places as there are so many  thieves and pickpockets around, and little the police can do to help if it happens to you!

I hope this mess will work itself out quickly… wish me luck!

B xx