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Wedged in

30 Aug

I have a new neighbour! Pete’s Tex-Mex just moved from their old spot about 10 mins walk away, to my very street i.e. a 2 min walk away – making it that much easier to get my fill of their delicious waffles, burritos, burgers, and chocolate cake! Uh-oh, they also do delivery… this could be dangerous! 😉 Sarah and I went to check out their new location, and snapped a few pics in Si De park next door as well 🙂 I was wearing my Zara wedges (bought on sale, love it!) and PANTS for the first time in at least three months… although it’s still warm, there’s definitely a little autumn in the air!

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Bargaining at Yashow…

29 Aug

Fake designer goods are a notorious issue in China… and Yashow is one of the markets where you’ll find fakes galore! Although I don’t go too often as the bargaining and crowds can make it a tiring experience, it’s also a great place to pick up some Chinese knick-knacks and souvenirs, get a cheap massage or manicure, have a suit made, or purchase a quirky t-shirt or two for friends back home 🙂 We took some friends along on the weekend to check it out! 

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Pleated & platformed

28 Aug

Spent Sunday hanging out with my friends and their gorgeous little baby girl 🙂 She is such a cutey with the biggest smile! We checked out Fisheye Cafe in Sanlitun, which has great coffee and the BEST cupcakes from Lollipop bakery.. mmm hehe 🙂

Love lazy Sundays chit-chatting with friends, and getting all my chores done ready for the week ahead.. Hope you all had a good Sunday too!

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Silver.. again ;)

27 Aug

Ok so to continue my love of metallics, here are some shots from Friday night when I got to use my new silver bag! Found it at a cute Korean boutique in 3.3 Mall on a recent shopping spree, which included my neon pink wallet & skull bracelets 🙂 Friday night was spent eating sushi with friends, and enjoying cocktails on a rooftop terrace on a cool summer night.. a lovely start to the week 😉

Thanks to Sarah for taking some of the these pics for me! Happy weekend everyone 😉 

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We ♥ Lush!

25 Aug

Just wrapped our final shoot for City Weekend magazine (Part IV), a project we’ve been working on for the last two weeks! Tonight’s shoot was a lot of fun, with Rich and I portraying a punk/musical couple hanging out at Beijing’s awesomest student cafe – Lush, in Wudaokou. Brought back some great memories of hanging out there back in my own student-studying-Mandarin days… 🙂  Lush is such a great place to chill, and they really do have the best burgers & chocolate mud pie! 😉

Hope you like the pics, will post more ‘behind the scenes’ from the other shoots soon – official pics yet to come! 🙂 

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Army + khaki

24 Aug

A quick post before I rush off on yet another set of errands! Some photos of a rather casual outfit (but wearing my new DFuse! 😉 ), suitable for picking our way carefully through the messy (but delicious looking) street food area in Sanlitun!

Halfway through the week already, and still a lot to do.. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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A trip to the theatre :)

23 Aug

I love the performing arts – the anticipation as you sit in the dark waiting for it all to begin,  then getting completely absorbed in the story, as well as enjoying a cheeky slice of cake or ice cream at halftime of course! 😉  On Sunday we went to see ‘The Great Bruce Lee Romance, A Beijing Story’ at the Penghao Theatre, a local play written by a friend – the talented actress & playwright, Aisling Dunne. It was my first Chinese play (with English subtitles), and the cast did a great job – it was hilarious! Congrats to Aisling on a job well done 🙂

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