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AnyShopStyle – a festive season shoot!

12 Dec

A big happy Monday to you all! 🙂 Did you do anything exciting over the weekend? I had a major movie marathon and got through about 6 movies I’ve been wanting to see for ages… ended up  having a lot of weird mixed-up dreams last night as a result haha ;P 

Last week I had my second shoot with AnyShopStyle, where we shot a collection of festive tees and sweaters by Chinese designer, Leo Kong. The shoot was a lot of fun – cute clothes, bright festive colours, oh and matching boy-girl tops too! Haha so cute! 🙂 Here are some of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ pictures, so you can check it all out.

By the way, the pictures from my first shoot are up on the site now – so weird (but fun!) seeing myself up there! hehe 😉  Hope you have a great day, and see you again tomorrow!  Continue reading


Bali sunset

9 Oct

Ok so I think I didn’t really explain why I suddenly went off to Bali, oops! haha 😛 So to quickly recap, our Indonesian friends had their amazing wedding at the bride’s hometown in Bandung on Oct 1st, and given so many of the guests were flying in from all over the place, they decided to include a sort-of ‘group honeymoon’ in Bali after the wedding so we could all hang out together for a bit longer! Sweeeeet! 🙂

It was so nice to be back in a summer climate again, and on our first night we decided to go to fancy beach lounge Ku De Ta in Seminyak to watch the sun set – and it was so stunning! Here are a few pics of our evening, and some of my outfit too 😉 Happy Sunday everyone.. hope you’re all ready for the week ahead!   Continue reading

Recovery day in Bandung

6 Oct

The day after the wedding everyone was in serious recovery mode… slow movements, lots of water, sunglasses on, and serious cravings for delicious Indonesian food! Here are a few outfit pics & snaps from our lazy day 🙂

Now we’re off to hire scooters for the day to explore Bali! Hope you’re all having a great Thursday 😉  Continue reading

Cover girl! ;)

21 Sep

Guess what..?! The latest issue of City Weekend came out today, and it features the Fall Fashion Special that Rich & I shot a few weeks ago! And a huge surprise was they used our picture on the cover too – amazing! 🙂 So strange to see myself on the cover and in the pages… but definitely awesome too, haha 🙂

Once again a huge big thank you to the CW team for the opportunity, and for making the shoot so fun!  Continue reading

A charity bazaar & Black Rabbit Music Fest!

19 Sep

Last Saturday we decided to go and check out Beijing’s annual international charity bazaar at Chaoyang Park. The event is organised by Madam Le Aimei, wife of Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, with proceeds going towards ethnic minorities in Yunnan. The NZ stand was selling lots of yummy goodies like wine, honey, kiwifruit, and coffee… although we arrived a little late and it was already sold out! Luckily there was still a lot of things to buy and try at the other stands 🙂 After the bazaar we headed to Chaoyang Sports Park for the inaugural Black Rabbit Music Festival! We managed to get right up close to international acts Yellowcard, 30 Seconds to Mars, Ludacris, Grandmaster Flash, as well as Chinese heavyweight rock band, P.K.14. It was so bright and sunny all day, perfect autumn weather for being outside – and so awesome to have this new addition to Beijing’s music scene! 🙂

Hope you enjoy the pics, and happy Monday everyone! 🙂

Continue reading

Hangin out in hutongs

17 Sep

Finally here is Part III of the City Weekend shoot (see Parts I, II, and IV here)! Just a few of the behind-the-scene pics from our hutong shoot, with Rich and I playing a more hipster/retro couple enjoying some of Beijing’s pleasures – cheap beer, and ‘chuanr’ i.e. meat on a stick! 😉 For this shoot we got to pick our outfits from some of the amazing vintage stores tucked in around Beijing’s old hutong (alleyways) area. Those stores are gold mines with so many interesting pieces waiting to be found! The official City Weekend pics and issue with this shoot is set to drop this week, so I’m excited to see how it all turns out! Will keep you ‘posted’ (haha sorry for the bad joke) 🙂

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Continue reading

CBD Chic

11 Sep

Whew, after a bit of a hiatus my internet is finally working at a reasonable speed, and I’m able to post again! Here are some of the behind-the-scenes pics from Part II of the City Weekend shoot, shot straight after our Migas shoot (here you can see posts from Part I and IV)! 🙂 The setting was a gorgeous rooftop bar at the Shangri-La’s Kerry Center right in the heart of Beijing’s CBD, with Rich and I decked out as glam city-slickers! Rich’s ensemble is one of Janine Grosche‘s designs, while my dress is another local find from the Nali Patio boutiques. We used D-SATA by Cur accessories again (aren’t they amazing!) and this gorgeous head piece is one of MeiLi Autumn‘s creations – she is one multi-talented makeup artist! 😉

Hope you’re all having a great weekend, and happy Mid-Autumn festival to those of you in China! 🙂 Continue reading