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Soak up the sun

14 Dec

I love finding new cafes and restaurants to try – it keeps life interesting, and in Beijing there are tempting new restaurants constantly springing up around the place! On Saturday we decided to try Le Petit Gourmand, a cafe nestled in Tongli Studios behind Sanlitun Village – and it didn’t disappoint! Lovely and cosy, with tasty, fresh food – it was the perfect place to enjoy a long, lazy Saturday lunch 🙂

With the sun shining it was also a chance for me to take my new shoes out for a walk! hehe 🙂 Apparently a lot of other people decided it was the perfect day for taking photos – there were photographers everywhere! A huge big thank you to my talented (and gorgeous!) friend, Adriana for helping me take these photos. I managed to snap a quick one of her too – isn’t she so cute? Love her headband! See you all again tomorrow 🙂 Continue reading


Red pants

17 Nov

Found these fantastic pants at Zara, aren’t they awesome! Been wanting some red pants for ages, but bright bright red is not really my thing.. so these are perfect! They are this lovely deep, almost red-wine red colour and the material is kinda shiny with a silky/slippery feel, and they’re so comfortable! I paired them with one of my big cosy pullovers and voilà, comfy winter outfit! Unfortunately however, I forgot to wear something black underneath, and the camera totally picked up my white singlet… doh! Such an amateur! Haha oh well, lesson learned! 🙂 Yesterday was one of those grey, miserable days choking with pollution, so we decided to shoot these pics in the warm, friendly, fluorescent glow of a shopping mall instead! 😉

Just watched 127 Hours the other day.. what an incredible story of survival! Have you seen it? It’s still praying on my mind.. that guy is incredible, what a traumatic situation to be in! I must make sure not to take my limbs for granted anymore… and to always tell someone where I’m going! Cheery thoughts for a wintery afternoon I know… haha 🙂 Happy Thursday all!

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Studded Bow

15 Nov

I’m a little bit obsessed with bow headbands, even though I end up looking like a 12 year old school girl… haha 😉 Found this leather studded headband in Twice the other day and decided to take some pictures with the last of the pretty autumn leaves…

Here is a wise quote from Buddha to accompany you on your Tuesday: ‘Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.’ Have a great day all! 🙂

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Random yellow horse

9 Nov

On a beautiful, mild autumn Monday we decided to have lunch at Central Park – home to many nice eateries, cafes, and stores… and one giant yellow horse! It’s so random, that it’s awesome haha 😉 I found this skirt when I was in KL a few weeks ago, and I was determined to wear it before it gets tooo cold for tights (although I’ve realised I’m not a big fan of tights either… they only last a day before I manage to rip a hole or ladder in them. Does this happen to everyone? Or just clumsy me?!). The plum sweater is a new fav too, it’s nice to have some colour amongst all my neutral or darker autumn/winter clothing!

So I’ve just been invited to a really exciting event tonight… I love how this happens in Beijing! You never know what might pop up in your diary! I hope I’ll be able to take some pics and show you all tomorrow 🙂 Til then, have a wonderful Wednesday folks! 🙂

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Hooded vest + turtle neck

8 Nov

Tuesday again already – can you believe it! Here are some pictures from our relaxing Sunday, spent mostly eating (haha 😉 ) and enjoying the small glimmer of sunshine that peeked out for two hours. The hooded vest is a favourite piece of mine that I picked up at Zara last year, I’ve almost worn it to death! 🙂

Tonight I’m off to a rehearsal… for something I’ll tell you about soon! Let’s just say I’m really nervous haha 😉 What do you do to help with nerves!? BTW I’m seriously addicted to lemon & honey drinks at the moment, they are soo delicious! Another positive thing about Autumn 😉  Til tomorrow! Continue reading

Red Wall

26 Oct

On Saturday night I had dinner with friends at one of my fav restaurants in Beijing, Hatsune 🙂 The sushi is AMAZING. Any-hu, after dinner we found this red wall and decided it would be perfect for some quick outfit shots! Thanks again to Sally for helping me with the pics 😉

As the weather in Beijing is getting colder, it’s getting warmer in NZ and I’m starting to miss home! But I have something exciting to look forward to – a friend is coming to visit from NZ next week! Hopefully she’ll bring me some treats from home.. hehe 😉 See you all tomorrow!

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RWC & Aldo boots

23 Oct

New Zealand is through to the finals of this year’s Rugby World Cup, and I am SO EXCITED! We played Australia in the semi-finals last Sunday, and it was such an exciting game to watch (NZ won 20-6)! Just in case you’re not familiar, rugby is NZ’s national sport – and the whole country pretty much comes to a standstill whenever our team (the All Blacks) plays! Btw check out this awesome collaboration Bulgari did with the All Blacks 🙂

The weather was brilliant in Beijing and Sally helped me take a few outfit pics (thanks hun, you’re the best! 😉 ). What do you think of my new Aldo ankle boots? I LOVE them, and imagine I’ll be wearing them a lot this fall! 🙂 Well, am off now … to watch the FINAL against France!

Thanks so much for reading, and for all the lovely comments you post – I love reading them! See you again tomorrow! 🙂

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