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A white coat + red lanterns

9 Dec

On a freezing cold but beautifully sunny day, we wandered around Beijing’s wonderful hutongs  – on the hunt (as usual) for somewhere to eat! haha 🙂 These pics were taken around the Beixinqiao area, where the red lanterns hanging outside the restaurants looked so cheerful and happy against the bright blue sky!

My outfit was pretty casual – my big warm Mango jacket, biker boots, and some grey accessories to keep out the wind! This is the winter weather I love best, sunshine and crisp, fresh air 🙂 What are your plans for the weekend? It’s just over two weeks til Christmas, and I need to find something for our staff Secret Santa & Christmas party next week. I think I’m going to check out The Hutong’s Christmas Fayre on Sunday.. maybe I’ll find inspiration there! : ) Happy Friday all!   Continue reading


Hooded coat

7 Dec

Another Hump Day has arrived! We are halfway to the weekend already and it is now just over a week until I am on HOLIDAY, hooray! 🙂 I’ve decided to go back to New Zealand for the Christmas break this year which is very exciting as it will be hot and sunny (hopefully).. I can already hear the beach and BBQs calling my name! 😉

Today’s post is a very simple outfit with one of my favourite coats from last year. It is so easy to wear, has big pockets, and a giant hood to keep out any pesky rain – I love this thing! And besides seeing me almost get run over by the dude on the bike (that’s right, being on the footpath doesn’t save you from traffic! haha) how great is the sunshine in these photos…how I wish it had lasted longer than that one day! haha 🙂

In other very exciting news, my wonderful boyfriend has been working with me to create a new look for PhoandChips.. and it should be ready any moment now! This time tomorrow you could be looking at a very different PhoandChips! I am very excited for the new look, as I have been wanting to change things up for a while and give the blog a cleaner, updated look/feel. I will be keen to know your thoughts once it’s all up and running 🙂 Til tomorrow then! 🙂 Continue reading

This is me! :)

24 Apr

Hooray!! I finally decided to stop just thinking about it and create my own blog! 🙂  

The streets of Beijing

On the streets of old Beijing

I’m a Kiwi (New Zealander) with Vietnamese and English heritage writing from Beijing, China where I’ve been living for over 4 years. This blog is where I hope to share some of the things in my life that I enjoy most with you all – travel, food, friends, and fashion! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

♥ B xx