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Soak up the sun

14 Dec

I love finding new cafes and restaurants to try – it keeps life interesting, and in Beijing there are tempting new restaurants constantly springing up around the place! On Saturday we decided to try Le Petit Gourmand, a cafe nestled in Tongli Studios behind Sanlitun Village – and it didn’t disappoint! Lovely and cosy, with tasty, fresh food – it was the perfect place to enjoy a long, lazy Saturday lunch 🙂

With the sun shining it was also a chance for me to take my new shoes out for a walk! hehe 🙂 Apparently a lot of other people decided it was the perfect day for taking photos – there were photographers everywhere! A huge big thank you to my talented (and gorgeous!) friend, Adriana for helping me take these photos. I managed to snap a quick one of her too – isn’t she so cute? Love her headband! See you all again tomorrow 🙂 Continue reading


Zara Camel Coat

13 Dec

The sunshine and blue skies which lasted 5 days this time (a record!!) has again disappeared behind a cloud of fog which, as you can see from these pictures, makes everything look a bit grey – but at least it’s still not miserably cold yet, that’s something! 🙂

I love this camel coat and am wearing it almost every day – so glad I invested in this at the beginning of fall! I’ve also had incredible wear out of these ankle booties – their CPW (cost per wear) is getting ridiculously low! Hooray, success! 🙂 Honestly, where would I be without Zara? Reasonably priced, great clothes which I totally love – it’s hard to resist doing all my shopping there! haha 🙂 What stores or brands do you guys find yourselves shopping at the most?

Lunch break is almost up.. time to get on with my day! See you all tomorrow 🙂

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A white coat + red lanterns

9 Dec

On a freezing cold but beautifully sunny day, we wandered around Beijing’s wonderful hutongs  – on the hunt (as usual) for somewhere to eat! haha 🙂 These pics were taken around the Beixinqiao area, where the red lanterns hanging outside the restaurants looked so cheerful and happy against the bright blue sky!

My outfit was pretty casual – my big warm Mango jacket, biker boots, and some grey accessories to keep out the wind! This is the winter weather I love best, sunshine and crisp, fresh air 🙂 What are your plans for the weekend? It’s just over two weeks til Christmas, and I need to find something for our staff Secret Santa & Christmas party next week. I think I’m going to check out The Hutong’s Christmas Fayre on Sunday.. maybe I’ll find inspiration there! : ) Happy Friday all!   Continue reading

Alice + Olivia silver sequined jacket

5 Dec

Happy Monday all! 🙂 It’s snowing in Beijing again, with more snow predicted for later in the week.. time to get out those woolly socks and down-jackets! BUT it is starting to feel more and more like Christmas – in fact, someone just sent our office a huge Christmas cake, stoked! 😉

On Saturday night we attended the launch of Lane Crawford and Modern Weekly‘s ‘A plus’ exhibition. The exhibition – curated by Modern Weekly Lifestyle Editorial Director, Shaway Yeh – illustrates a ‘crossover collaboration’ between China’s fashion designers and international artists. It was a lovely evening filled with interesting art and gorgeous garments (too bad I can’t afford any of it.. haha), plus we were treated to a live performance by pianist Rosey Chan.

I have lots of photos from the exhibition that I want to show you, but first I wanted to share some outfit pictures! 🙂 How AMAZING is this silver sequined jacket? I am absolutely in love with it – so glamourous and yet so effortless to wear! Alas, I cannot claim it – it belongs to my very chic friend Sally, who was generous enough to let me wear it for the night (and helped me take these photos)! Obviously, the jacket needed no competition so the rest of the outfit is very simple. What do you think? 🙂

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Leopard print pants!

2 Dec

Today it finally started snowing in Beijing! Winter is really and finally here! 🙂 And to celebrate, here is a post of my new leopard print jeans hehe 🙂 I love these – I totally wasn’t sure when I saw them in the store, but they are actually a more subtle shade than other pairs I’ve seen and are super warm to boot! What do you think of them?

I wore this outfit to watch Beijing Improv’s 5th Birthday show, where two of my friends performed. Have you been to an improv show? The shows are HILARIOUS and the actors are not afraid to look silly in front of an audience! 🙂 I was almost crying from laughing too hard at one point! If you’re in Beijing, I would totally recommend going along to one of their shows – the Penghao Theatre is a cute little place tucked into a hutong off Nanluoguxiang, a great place to explore in it’s own right!

On another note, if you use Weibo (China’s version of Twitter) you can follow me here – I’m able to update and post pictures much more easily/frequently! (I still update Twitter, but since it’s technically blocked it’s a little harder!). Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday, bring on the weekend! 🙂 

Leather jacket: H&M / Black sheer shirt: American Apparel / Black tank: H&M / Leopard print jeans: Zara / Wedge booties: Spring / Woollen scarf: no brand (found at ‘i.f’ store near my house) / Bird skull necklace: Fashionology / Nailpolish: Sephora for OPI ‘Mr Right Now’

♥B xx


Pink sweater + GungHo! Pizza

23 Nov

Last week I was at GungHo! Pizza’s ‘family’ opening, to celebrate the launch of their second branch in Beijing in just one year! Getting into the spirit of things, I wore my brightest pink sweater – well, no actually this was a total accident and became a bit of a joke that night..haha! 😉 Definitely recommend a visit to this joint if you’re in the Lido neighbourhood, they have a great culture of fresh food, friendly service, and attention to detail!

Lunch break for me now! Beijing is bright and sunny but blowing a freezing cold gale… hope you’re wrapped up and warm whereever you are! 🙂

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Red pants

17 Nov

Found these fantastic pants at Zara, aren’t they awesome! Been wanting some red pants for ages, but bright bright red is not really my thing.. so these are perfect! They are this lovely deep, almost red-wine red colour and the material is kinda shiny with a silky/slippery feel, and they’re so comfortable! I paired them with one of my big cosy pullovers and voilà, comfy winter outfit! Unfortunately however, I forgot to wear something black underneath, and the camera totally picked up my white singlet… doh! Such an amateur! Haha oh well, lesson learned! 🙂 Yesterday was one of those grey, miserable days choking with pollution, so we decided to shoot these pics in the warm, friendly, fluorescent glow of a shopping mall instead! 😉

Just watched 127 Hours the other day.. what an incredible story of survival! Have you seen it? It’s still praying on my mind.. that guy is incredible, what a traumatic situation to be in! I must make sure not to take my limbs for granted anymore… and to always tell someone where I’m going! Cheery thoughts for a wintery afternoon I know… haha 🙂 Happy Thursday all!

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