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Zara Camel Coat

13 Dec

The sunshine and blue skies which lasted 5 days this time (a record!!) has again disappeared behind a cloud of fog which, as you can see from these pictures, makes everything look a bit grey – but at least it’s still not miserably cold yet, that’s something! 🙂

I love this camel coat and am wearing it almost every day – so glad I invested in this at the beginning of fall! I’ve also had incredible wear out of these ankle booties – their CPW (cost per wear) is getting ridiculously low! Hooray, success! 🙂 Honestly, where would I be without Zara? Reasonably priced, great clothes which I totally love – it’s hard to resist doing all my shopping there! haha 🙂 What stores or brands do you guys find yourselves shopping at the most?

Lunch break is almost up.. time to get on with my day! See you all tomorrow 🙂

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Woollen sweater + German Christmas market!

29 Nov

Hello lovely readers! 🙂 I wanted to say a big thank you to those who sent me kind words of support on my nzgirl.co.nz articles, I appreciate it so much!

Here I am wearing one of my new woollen sweaters – a fairly casual outfit I chose for visiting the German Christmas market on Saturday 🙂 The Christmas market is an annual event held at the German Embassy, where you can buy Christmas decorations, slurp cold beer or hot glühwein, make donations or purchases to support local charities, enjoy decorated gingerbread cookies and warm apple cider, and try different kinds of German snacks. That reminds me: fresh-out-of-the-oven pretzels (‘bretzel’) are SO delicious! 😉 It was the first time I’ve really felt like Christmas is getting close – and as you can tell I was pretty excited by the Christmas advent calendar my lovely friend Malaika bought for me, haha! 😉

I really need to get on to my Christmas shopping (can you believe it’s December on Thursday already!). Have you started? Whats your secret to present shopping? I always find it so difficult! 🙂 Well I hope you are having a wonderful start to your Tuesday, and will see you again tomorrow!

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Red pants

17 Nov

Found these fantastic pants at Zara, aren’t they awesome! Been wanting some red pants for ages, but bright bright red is not really my thing.. so these are perfect! They are this lovely deep, almost red-wine red colour and the material is kinda shiny with a silky/slippery feel, and they’re so comfortable! I paired them with one of my big cosy pullovers and voilà, comfy winter outfit! Unfortunately however, I forgot to wear something black underneath, and the camera totally picked up my white singlet… doh! Such an amateur! Haha oh well, lesson learned! 🙂 Yesterday was one of those grey, miserable days choking with pollution, so we decided to shoot these pics in the warm, friendly, fluorescent glow of a shopping mall instead! 😉

Just watched 127 Hours the other day.. what an incredible story of survival! Have you seen it? It’s still praying on my mind.. that guy is incredible, what a traumatic situation to be in! I must make sure not to take my limbs for granted anymore… and to always tell someone where I’m going! Cheery thoughts for a wintery afternoon I know… haha 🙂 Happy Thursday all!

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Random yellow horse

9 Nov

On a beautiful, mild autumn Monday we decided to have lunch at Central Park – home to many nice eateries, cafes, and stores… and one giant yellow horse! It’s so random, that it’s awesome haha 😉 I found this skirt when I was in KL a few weeks ago, and I was determined to wear it before it gets tooo cold for tights (although I’ve realised I’m not a big fan of tights either… they only last a day before I manage to rip a hole or ladder in them. Does this happen to everyone? Or just clumsy me?!). The plum sweater is a new fav too, it’s nice to have some colour amongst all my neutral or darker autumn/winter clothing!

So I’ve just been invited to a really exciting event tonight… I love how this happens in Beijing! You never know what might pop up in your diary! I hope I’ll be able to take some pics and show you all tomorrow 🙂 Til then, have a wonderful Wednesday folks! 🙂

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Chi Fan for Charity!

7 Nov

Here are the photos from our Saturday night at Chi Fan for Charity (translation: ‘eat for charity’)! 🙂 It was an amazing evening, and Modo really turned out their best dishes for us – we had the most exquisite pork belly, lamb shanks, crumbed codfish, and oh don’t even get me started on their mouth-wateringly delicious desserts!! Incredible! I love meeting people at these sorts of events too, everyone is so interesting and has their own story to tell. Saturday night was also the launch of a friend’s project called the ‘Little Gold Book’, a discount book full of great deals at Beijing’s top restaurants!They’re such great value, and as an added bonus 30% of the book’s purchase price gets donated to charity! 🙂

For my outfit, I went a little sequin crazy with my sparkly sweater & clutch 😉 Yes I admit it was slightly too warm wearing this indoors, but I L.O.V.E this sweater so no complaining from me! haha 😉  It was my first time wearing red lipstick too! What do you think of it? Such a strong colour, but I think wearing bolder lipsticks might be starting to grow on me… 🙂 Well, must get back to reality now that it is Monday – work to do, deadlines to meet! Hope your week is off to a great start 🙂 Continue reading

A mellow Friday

6 Nov

Happy Sunday folks 🙂 Am about to collapse into bed after another lovely weekend! But first, a few outfit pics from my Friday night. We had a (much needed) pretty mellow evening starting with dinner at an amazing Yunnan restaurant, In & Out, followed by the movies where we saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes! How cute are apes?! Ok maybe cute is not the right word considering how large and powerful they are but still, they are amazing animals – loved the movie! hehe 🙂

Another week starts tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to all the things it will bring me! 🙂 Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!  Continue reading

Brown blazer

4 Nov

Happy Friday all!! 🙂 The weekend is (almost) here, yesss! 🙂 Here are some pics from my outfit on Wed, having lunch around Sanlitun Village. We decided to take some pics in Nali Patio, which is a cute complex designed to look sort-of Spanish or Mediteranean, and which is full of yummy restaurants and great little boutique stores! I’ll have to make a video one day to show you guys..  The blazer was a bargain I scored at Zara’s end of summer sale (sweeeet!), which matches perfectly with my lovely Pradas, hooray 😉

In other news – a friend has just arrived from New Zealand, and is staying with me for about 10 days 🙂 And she brought me Whittaker’s chocolate!! Having visitors is the best! haha 😉 Time to begin planning the weekend’s antics.. (hehe) enjoy your Friday and see you again tomorrow!

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