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Zara Camel Coat

13 Dec

The sunshine and blue skies which lasted 5 days this time (a record!!) has again disappeared behind a cloud of fog which, as you can see from these pictures, makes everything look a bit grey – but at least it’s still not miserably cold yet, that’s something! 🙂

I love this camel coat and am wearing it almost every day – so glad I invested in this at the beginning of fall! I’ve also had incredible wear out of these ankle booties – their CPW (cost per wear) is getting ridiculously low! Hooray, success! 🙂 Honestly, where would I be without Zara? Reasonably priced, great clothes which I totally love – it’s hard to resist doing all my shopping there! haha 🙂 What stores or brands do you guys find yourselves shopping at the most?

Lunch break is almost up.. time to get on with my day! See you all tomorrow 🙂

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A white coat + red lanterns

9 Dec

On a freezing cold but beautifully sunny day, we wandered around Beijing’s wonderful hutongs  – on the hunt (as usual) for somewhere to eat! haha 🙂 These pics were taken around the Beixinqiao area, where the red lanterns hanging outside the restaurants looked so cheerful and happy against the bright blue sky!

My outfit was pretty casual – my big warm Mango jacket, biker boots, and some grey accessories to keep out the wind! This is the winter weather I love best, sunshine and crisp, fresh air 🙂 What are your plans for the weekend? It’s just over two weeks til Christmas, and I need to find something for our staff Secret Santa & Christmas party next week. I think I’m going to check out The Hutong’s Christmas Fayre on Sunday.. maybe I’ll find inspiration there! : ) Happy Friday all!   Continue reading

Hooded coat

7 Dec

Another Hump Day has arrived! We are halfway to the weekend already and it is now just over a week until I am on HOLIDAY, hooray! 🙂 I’ve decided to go back to New Zealand for the Christmas break this year which is very exciting as it will be hot and sunny (hopefully).. I can already hear the beach and BBQs calling my name! 😉

Today’s post is a very simple outfit with one of my favourite coats from last year. It is so easy to wear, has big pockets, and a giant hood to keep out any pesky rain – I love this thing! And besides seeing me almost get run over by the dude on the bike (that’s right, being on the footpath doesn’t save you from traffic! haha) how great is the sunshine in these photos…how I wish it had lasted longer than that one day! haha 🙂

In other very exciting news, my wonderful boyfriend has been working with me to create a new look for PhoandChips.. and it should be ready any moment now! This time tomorrow you could be looking at a very different PhoandChips! I am very excited for the new look, as I have been wanting to change things up for a while and give the blog a cleaner, updated look/feel. I will be keen to know your thoughts once it’s all up and running 🙂 Til tomorrow then! 🙂 Continue reading

Polka dots + pencil skirt

24 Nov

Sun, glorious SUN! Yesterday was one of those brilliant, deep blue sky days which – despite an icey wind – made me feel so HAPPY to be alive!! 🙂 Here are a few pics of my outfit yesterday – taken by the lovely and ever patient Sally Benson (thanks babe!) 😉  A bit more formal yet fun for the office… polka dots rock, that’s all there is to it! Haha see ya tomorrow folks! 🙂 Continue reading

Red pants

17 Nov

Found these fantastic pants at Zara, aren’t they awesome! Been wanting some red pants for ages, but bright bright red is not really my thing.. so these are perfect! They are this lovely deep, almost red-wine red colour and the material is kinda shiny with a silky/slippery feel, and they’re so comfortable! I paired them with one of my big cosy pullovers and voilà, comfy winter outfit! Unfortunately however, I forgot to wear something black underneath, and the camera totally picked up my white singlet… doh! Such an amateur! Haha oh well, lesson learned! 🙂 Yesterday was one of those grey, miserable days choking with pollution, so we decided to shoot these pics in the warm, friendly, fluorescent glow of a shopping mall instead! 😉

Just watched 127 Hours the other day.. what an incredible story of survival! Have you seen it? It’s still praying on my mind.. that guy is incredible, what a traumatic situation to be in! I must make sure not to take my limbs for granted anymore… and to always tell someone where I’m going! Cheery thoughts for a wintery afternoon I know… haha 🙂 Happy Thursday all!

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Gold Tee

12 Nov

On our way to dinner last week we felt triumphant in managing to capture a tiny sliver of ‘golden’ light before it disappeared behind the SOHO buildings – owing to the fact that the horizon is inpenetrably blocked by highrises, sunset in Beijing is usually just a gradual darkening! Took Jussara to see the world’s biggest TV at The Place – it’s quite an impressive spectacle all lit up at night 🙂


Anyway, I am totally buzzing right now because I just walked in my very first fashion show!! I have so many pics and a short video to show you, so will post as soon as I have time… man what an exciting experience! 🙂 Now I’m off to be a judge at Beijing’s big Fashionista Party, which should also be a lot of fun! I promise to take lots of photos for you there too, and if you’re in Beijing you should come along!  🙂 Hope you’re all having a great Saturday! 

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Faux fur vest

24 Oct

Announcement: New Zealand is the 2011 Rugby World Cup Champion!! Hooray! 🙂 It was an incredibly close and nerve-wracking match, with the French side putting on a really good performance, but we just managed to squeeze to a 8-7 victory! I now have no voice or nails left… haha 😉

On to the outfit pics.. oh how I wish it was still warm enough to wear this faux fur vest without layers underneath like I did just last week.. but no, Beijing has suddenly decided: It Is Now Winter! I wore this to lunch with Sally – we were trying out this new place ‘Obentos‘ which does healthy Japanese food and Bento boxes! It’s also owned by a friend so that made it even more exciting 🙂 The food was so yummy and made me miss Japan – I was there for Christmas last year and ate almost nonstop the whole trip!

Back to the outfit… these boots are the charcoal version of the ones I wore in last week’s post, they’re so comfy (believe it or not!) and go so well with all my skinny jeans 🙂 And although we tried to hide it, what you can see in the background is not cloud but mild smog (yes mild – you should have seen it yesterday!)… isn’t it lovely!? :S Hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂

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