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Zara Camel Coat

13 Dec

The sunshine and blue skies which lasted 5 days this time (a record!!) has again disappeared behind a cloud of fog which, as you can see from these pictures, makes everything look a bit grey – but at least it’s still not miserably cold yet, that’s something! 🙂

I love this camel coat and am wearing it almost every day – so glad I invested in this at the beginning of fall! I’ve also had incredible wear out of these ankle booties – their CPW (cost per wear) is getting ridiculously low! Hooray, success! 🙂 Honestly, where would I be without Zara? Reasonably priced, great clothes which I totally love – it’s hard to resist doing all my shopping there! haha 🙂 What stores or brands do you guys find yourselves shopping at the most?

Lunch break is almost up.. time to get on with my day! See you all tomorrow 🙂

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5 Nov

This was a super risky outfit to wear in Beijing… nothing here stays white for long! I’m pretty sure all the passers-by thought I was mad too… Haha 😉 Still, I love this cosy sweater from Bershka and decided to give the whole white-on-white thing a try 🙂 We were on our way to Annie’s for dinner – Annie’s is a super popular Italian restaurant in Beijing, best known for their ability to deliver to almost any apartment building in Beijing! I decided to stop being lazy for once and instead of ordering delivery, go to the actual restaurant! hehe 🙂

Tonight we are off to Chi Fan for Charity, a wonderful event that is held annually to help raise money for various charities. I’m very much looking forward to the yummy food, wine, company, and of course contributing to such a great event – this year, all money raised will go to the Bethel Foundation (helping blind and visually impaired orphans) and the New Hope Foundation (caring for sick, disabled, and abandoned children) – how wonderful is that ! 🙂

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Wedding day (and emergency dress shopping!)

5 Oct

So.. to continue my travel drama story, in short we arrived in Bandung for the wedding with no luggage which meant that the outfits we had carefully planned were useless and stuck somewhere between Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur! So the morning of the wedding we headed to the nearest mall for some emergency shopping, where it was Topshop and Zara to the rescue! 🙂 I was very relieved not to have to go to the wedding in jeans and a hoodie… 😉 Here are a few pics of the outfit I found and a couple of the wedding itself which was stunning and very moving!

By the way, Indonesian people are so awesome – they are seriously the nicest, friendliest people ever… love this place 🙂 
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A pop of pink!

28 Sep

Here is a quick post from last night, before I start packing my bags… I’m off to Indonesia tomorrow to watch two of my close friends get married on Saturday! So exciting! 🙂

Anyway, wore this to dinner last night – love the cheerfulness of this neon pink sweater, and so comfy too! Thanks go to Dee for taking these pics for me, you’re the best babe 😉 Continue reading

Silver & Green

20 Aug

I am loving metallics at the moment, so I was stoked to find this awesome t-shirt last week in a Korean boutique store in 3.3 Mall. It’s so sparkly and fun! hehe 🙂 Added a bit of colour with my green Zara shoes & pink clutch 🙂

It was another nice start to the weekend, dinner with friends, drinks in an outdoor courtyard, and celebrating an engagement! I hope you’ve got a nice weekend lined up 🙂

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My neighbourhood..

15 Jun

A little bit of an outfit post, but more a few snapshots of my neighbourhood in Beijing! I’ve been living in this part of town for almost 3 years now, and it’s become a second home… the key cutter/shoe-fixer store, fruit stand, small local restaurants, newspaper stand  🙂

The hot weather gave me a good excuse to wear my summery H&M blue dress, Jessica Simpson sandals, gold bracelet from Ollie, and bright red nails! 🙂 In the evening I’m wearing a sweet little dress Ollie bought me on Taobao – he’s got pretty good taste right! 😉

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Birthday Night.. :)

12 Jun

Here is the post from Friday night – birthday celebrations at Migas, one of Beijing’s amazing rooftop bars 🙂 A few pics of my outfit (including my new Jeffrey Campbell shoes, yay!), delicious chocolate cake, and lovely friends! 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!

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